SSB Chilli Oil
SSB Chilli Oil

SSB Chilli Oil

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SSB Hot & Spicy Chilli OIl, was born from a zero waste ethos, and inspired by our Italian heritage and the type of spicy chilli oils that we grew up with . We've crafted this robust chilli oil using the by-products of our award winning hot sauces, gently and slowly infusing them in a high quality Australian Non-GMO Expeller Pressed Canola Oil, and double filtering prior to bottling to ensure remarkable clarity and colour.  The result is a vibrant coloured chilli oil with a smooth texture, deep and rich chilli-forward flavour, and a slow and building lingering heat! 

Extremely small batch run, so limited quantities are available.

INGREDIENTS: Australian Canola Oil (Non GMO, Expeller Pressed) (95%), Chilli  (Habanero, Carolina Reaper) (5%).

FLAVOUR: Notes of chilli fruits and earthy, caramelised smokiness are present. The canola oil used is quite neutral in flavour, and works as a great vessel for the different types of chilli mash used in the recipe.

HEAT: Hot (7/10)

POUR: Thin, with no visible chilli flesh or seeds.

PAIRING: Chilli oils are some of the most versatile condiments and can be used with a variety of cuisines! We use canola oil as it has a higher smoking point and neutral flavour, and therefore can be used to cook with and as a finishing oil over dishes. A few food pairings that come to mind; Asian (dumplings, noodles, rice dishes), Italian (wood fired pizza, pasta dishes, bruschetta), Vegetarian dishes, eggs, grilled BBQ meats, wings and dipping oils with bread. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild!

SIZE: 150ml bottles with dripper cap pourer inserts.

OTHER: Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly. Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients. This oil contains no artificial additives or artificial chemical preservatives, and as such is best to keep in a cool dark place out of direct heat and sun.