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Sande Kids - Mini Beach Hauler Bag - Sand

Sande Kids - Mini Beach Hauler Bag - Sand

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Introducing the Sande Kids Beach Hauler™ - Mini, the same beautiful materials and neutral tone only in a smaller yet very generous carry-all size. Perfect for the solo beach-goer, smaller family or grandparent with grandchildren in tow.

A summer essential for your summer lifestyle…This generous mesh beach bag tote has a large 55 litre capacity and holds up to 10kg. It is strong and durable, made from a waterproof PVC mesh so that sand can sift through - leaving the beach behind. Ideal for ALL your beach essentials!

With the same thick cotton straps as the original Beach Hauler™, this bag is extremely comfortable to carry, no flimsy handles straining your poor shoulders. But that's not all – we've thought of your valuables too. Inside, you'll find a secure canvas zipper pocket and a handy key clip, perfect for keeping your car keys, phones and other valuables safe and within reach. A handy mesh pocket also keeps items such as sunscreen easy to find, also perfect to seperate wet swimmers from dry beach towels.

Made in our very popular neutral tone to complement the beach environment as well as your beautiful beach gear... But It's not just for the beach; it's also the perfect size for taking the kids to swimming lessons...


  • Large mesh beach bag – 55 litre capacity
  • Holds up to 10kg
  • Mesh allows sand to sift through
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Secure pocket/key clip for valuables

Dimensions - 54cm x 22cm x 46cm, handle length 75cm.

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