SSB Chilli - Anacho Espresso

SSB Chilli - Anacho Espresso

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A truly unique hot sauce, pairing the fruity raisin like notes from the Mexican Ancho chilli (smoked and dried Poblano chilli), earthy and nutty cold brewed coffee, tangy tamarind and sweet dark brown sugar. Cold brew coffee is beloved for its exotic flavour profile and lack of acidity and bitterness. The end result is a dark, slightly sweet style sauce, with great depth and complexity. Some have compared it to traditional Mexican molè sauce, which we think is pretty fuego!


Onion, Australian Cold Brew Coffee, Chilli (Ancho, Habanero), Sugar, ACV, Tamarind, Garlic, Salt.

FLAVOUR: Rich, smoky, earthy, tangy with a slight sweetness and lingering warmth.

HEAT: Mild.

POUR: Medium thick consistency.

PAIRING: Chicken, beef, lamb, eggs, BBQ's, pizza, pancakes.

SIZE: 150ml

OTHER: Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly.