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Blundstone - 1609 Elastic Sided Boot Lined

Blundstone - 1609 Elastic Sided Boot Lined

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✓ Antique brown premium leather upper and black elastic gusset Chelsea boot.
✓ Leather is a water-resistant material, and the Classics series has a 1.8mm thick upper to keep you as dry as possible.
✓ Double stitched detail adds character and is built tough to take on any adventure.
✓ 0.9mm thick leather lining keeps you dry and warm while adding breathability.
✓ Two removable footbeds, one with XRD® Technology at the heel for impact absorption, allow for a personalised fit while adding additional comfort.
✓ Steel shank between the forefoot and heel ensures you maintain the correct step flex point and assists with skeletal stability.
✓ Midsole features thr SPS Max Comfort System, with XRD® Technology inserted at the heel for added impact absorption.
✓ TPU outsole provides durability.


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Blundstone was established in 1870 and despite growing to become one of the world's most recognisable boot brands, the company remains Tasmanian. While the quality has never changed, Blundstone boots have evolved in style, design, and technology over the years. They are quite possibly, the most durable, most comfortable boots ever made. Built tougher than they need to be, they reflect the place they’re from. They are still built as they always have been: to go anywhere, do anything, and look great every step of the way.

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