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The Cacti Folk

Never Put a Cactus in the Bathroom : A Room-by-Room Guide to Styling and Caring for Your Houseplants (Hardcover)

Never Put a Cactus in the Bathroom : A Room-by-Room Guide to Styling and Caring for Your Houseplants (Hardcover)

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Fuel your houseplant obsession with this beautifully illustrated room-by-room guide to bringing the outdoors inside-perfect for plant parents everywhere!

Millions of plant lovers and newbie gardeners are discovering the joys of bringing plants into their homes. Not only do they add a fresh, natural touch to any room, they also have serious mood-boosting power, and help to reduce stress, improve air quality, and even provide fresh herbs for that next meal! It's a no-brainer that houseplants can improve our quality of life-but how do you maximize their benefits without sacrificing style.

Full of home design and practical plant care tips as well as more than 70 plant recommendations, Never Put a Cactus in the Bathroom is an illustrated guide to help you choose the right plants for your space, from succulents and spider plants to pothos and ZZ plants.

A Houseplant 101 section will set you off on the right foot, covering essentials of plant care and maintenance, as well as basic troubleshooting, and a primer on the health benefits of indoor plants.

Then, going room by room, you will find space-specific recommendations, such as:
-Purifying the air in your bedroom with low light beauties
-Decorating your bathroom with air plants and ferns-your shower powers the climate is they need to thrive!
-Creating a living centerpiece for your dining room or breakfast nook
-Adding a low-maintenance bamboo or jade plant to your home office for motivation and focus
-Growing a windowsill herb box or hydroponic tomato to level up your next meal

Perfect for fans of Wild at Home, Urban Jungle, and Wellness by Design, this book will give plant lovers the tools and confidence they need to bring houseplants into every corner of their homes, improve their quality of life, and turn their home into a natural sanctuary.

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