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SSB Chilli

SSB Chilli - Grilled Citrus Tropicana

SSB Chilli - Grilled Citrus Tropicana

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DESCRIPTION: Grilled Citrus Tropicana is a fruity and sweeter style of hot sauce that is citrus forward, utilising grilled lemon, orange and lime for its base and grilled habaneros for its heat. It's an awesome way to inject a little fruity heat into your dishes, whether they are crispy pork belly, tacos al pastor, or ham and cheese toasties!


INGREDIENTS: Chilli, Onion, White Vinegar, Raw Cane Sugar, Pineapple, Grilled Capsicum, Tomato, Orange, Carrot, Lime, Lemon, Spices (Pimento Berry, Black Peppercorn), Sea Salt.

FLAVOUR: A sweet and fruity sauce, with grilled citrus and pineapple playing key roles up front, herbaceous all-spice berries noticeable, and grilled habaneros providing the slow lingering heat.

HEAT: Medium (6/10)

POUR: Medium thick.

PAIRING:Grilled chicken salads, pork belly, sushi, tacos, wings, pizza.

SIZE: 150ml.

OTHER: Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly. Made in Australia from 99% Australian ingredients.

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