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SSB Smoked Habanero"

SSB Smoked Habanero"

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'2021, Mr Chilli Awards, First Place, Smoked Hot Sauce Category!'

'2020, Mr Chilli Awards, First Place, Smoked Hot Sauce Category!'

DESCRIPTION: Back to back awarding winning 'Smoked Habanero', is the most awarded hot sauce in the lineup! We use select types of wood to smoke the habanero chillies with and inject those deep and smoky characteristics. We then pair them with a blend of other goodies to help balance out the heat and add complexity to the final product. The end result is an intensely smoke driven sauce, that also showcases.the true beauty of the Red Habanero in terms of flavour and heat.

INGREDIENTS: Red Habanero Chillies, Vinegar (Cider & Spirit), Raw Cane Sugar, Tomato, Onion, Garlic, Sea Salt, Spices. (100% Australian Ingredients)

FLAVOUR: On the nose you instantly smell the natural smoky notes. On the palate, you get the fruity and back of the throat bite that Habaneros are famous for. Brown sugar adds sweetness, and onion, garlic and tomato add a savoury component which is tied together alongside with a healthy dose of tangy vinegar for freshness.


POUR: Medium Thickness

PAIRING: BBQs, dips, pizzas, sandwiches, burgers. Mix in with mayonnaise for a lovely smoky habanero mayo.

SIZE: 150ml 

OTHER: Vegan & Gluten Free. Made with 100% Australian ingredients.

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